The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to all diplomatic missions and international organisations in the Netherlands and has the honour to inform them as follows.

In the Netherlands, temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU have been applicable following the Council Recommendation (EU) 2022/290 of 22 February 2022 and amended Council Recommendation (EU) 2020/912.

As of the 17 th of September 2022 these restrictions have been lifted. This means that as of 17 September 2022, no COVID-19 related restrictions or requirements apply to travelers entering the Netherlands, including those from countries outside the EU/Schengen area. 

The Netherlands may decide to reinstate adequate countermeasures if needed to prevent or slow down the emergence of a potential new COVID-19 variant of concern. The Netherlands still strongly favors EU coordination when countermeasures need to be implemented again to slow down the spread in case of a COVID-19 variant of concern.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs avails itself of this opportunity to renew to all international organisations and diplomatic missions in the Netherlands the assurances of its highest consideration