Ambassador Irene Kasyanju visited the offices of the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 02, 2020. 

Ambassador Kasyanju went to CFC to hold talks and to officially congratulate the Managing Director of CFC, Hon. Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal for his four-year term of leadership of the CFC. She used the opportunity to additionally present Tanzanian candidate, Dr. Jacqueline David Mkindi, Executive Director of the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) based in Arusha, who is vying to become a member of CFC's Consultative Commity.

Image #1 - Ambassador Irene Kasyanju receiving the 2019 Annual Report on CFC from CFC Managing Director, Hon. Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal, after their talks.

Image #2 - Ambassador Irene Kasyanju presenting Hon. Ambassador Belal 20 leaflets and magazines promoting Tanzanian Tourism written in English and Dutch for distribution to potential stakeholders.

Image #3 - Ambassador Irene Kasyanju and Hon. Ambassador Belal with their aides Ms. Linda Mkony (left), Embassy Staff; and Mr. Hector Besong (right), CFC Portfolio and Risk Manager.